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Millions of Polygons, and Counting:

 Project Neuschwanstein - a 3D Castle Reconstruction

by Shlomi Mallachi, New York, NY

This is an eternal Work in Progress. all rights reserved, no unautorized reproduction or use. copyright (c) 2002 - 2013 Shlomi S. Mallachi

Initially Modeled in Amapi 3D v6.1 on MacOS 8.6, rendered with Cinema 4D.


Neuschwbackyard003-320.jpg  Neuschwbackyard004-320.jpg
Recent additions (2011) - modeling and rendering w/ Cinema 4D

NSS_Picture3-270p.jpg  NSS_Picture27m-270p.jpg

  February 2013 Additions:



ready,... set,... Paint!

Screenshots from early modeling in Amapi 3D:


Prince of Whales
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What is Smart3D?

smart3D = Shlomi Mallachi Art 3D

We used to be - then 9/11 and a domain renewal mishap changed all that, but the dream goes on, our addiction to perfection and insane attention to detail persists, our vision of castles restored virtually intact.  Some of our renderings have been printed to posters to be added to the museums and curator's collections. Contact Shlomi if you too own or manage a castle and want a 3D reconstruction of your little mansion.

In the real world, Shlomi can also do reconstruction projects with highest quality marble (beyond italian Carrara marble)  on select residential and commercial properties and has worked on amazing projects with architects around the globe such as Israel, Switzerland and New York, NY. Shlomi is particularly recognized for mastering the art of building with materials that withstand the challenges of erosion - he guarantees his work routinely for 100 years even for buildings near the ocean such as the 'Crazy House' near Haifa.



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