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Drawing Tablets, and beyond


Cool Tools for
Digital Artists!

If you're currently using a mouse to do your digital image editing or painting, you might be interested in a better way: using a drawing tablet. It reduces the strain on your wrist, feels more like a real pen, and gives additional control capabilities with the built-in pressure-sensitive sensor. Some also detect angles.

Drawing tablets will add pressure-sensitive input, which some programs such as Project Dogwaffle can use with brushes in order to let you control certain features such as their size, the paint spray opacity, or in some cases even the angle of tilt or rotation, etc...

It all depends on and varies with the software and the type of tablets too. Some tablets  offer optional features through special pens such as the 6D Pen from Wacom. Some tablets also offer shortcut buttons and touchpads or sliders. You can spend anywhere from $30 to $900 on tablets of many different features, makes and sizes.

If it's in your budget, then we recommend the top quality professional tablets by Wacom, the 'Mercedes-Benz of tablet makers', but there are a few others which are nice too.  Have a close look and read the reviews on Amazon for the Huion 1600PLUS tablet, for instance.

Here are some tablets we really like. Hopefully they're in your budget range!

WACOM - any of the Intuos line - this is the top of the line professional product.

Budget alert: If you're a starving artist, try lower-cost alternatives, to see if you really like working with tablet pens in the first place. It takes some learning and getting used to, but soon enough you'll wonder how you ever managed without a digital pen instead of a mouse.

Wacom also makes devices that are the tablet inside the screen, such as the Cintiq. Those work great too.

HUION - example: PD Particles with Huion 1600PLUS

Very good options for tiny budgets but also some higher end great quality models for professionals. This artist uses a Huion tablet too (another model) and loves it! ......  Dakorillion


Another great option, very low budget but great quality too. And they have several higher-end alternatives, including display surfaces with pressure input, and light tables. Check it out here:

We tried the 6 x 5 Inches Soft Drawing Graphics Tablet Flex Pen Tablet and liked it.

Microsoft Surface

It's a tablet in the screen at the same time as it is the computer in it too. Even more, it's a laptop.... Nicely compact, but there is one catch: It doesn't use the WinTab interface that Project Dogwaffle needs. However, you can find the WinTab driver as an additional download and installation from Microsoft's websites. Start here to look for it for your specific version of MS Surface: