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What is Xtivity ?

Xtivity™ is a new, professional Macromedia® Flash® (SWF) Authoring Software program that allows you to visually design interactive Flash web projects in a layout style workflow. There is no coding involved and you operate without using a timeline, symbols, movie clips or any of the traditional methods used to author interactive Flash projects. Xtivity even imports PSD files so you can make the layers interactive. Update the Photoshop PSD file and flow your changes back into Xtivity!

Xtivity is designed to provide a robust professional workflow that enables you to develop cutting-edge Flash web designs with no experience needed working in Flash. If you have ever tried to learn Flash and couldn’t master it, Xtivity gives you an alternative solution to create state-of-the-art interactive projects faster and easier than Macromedia Flash.

Xtivity sells for about $80 and has a low learning curve, shortened by excellent and numerous tutorials. You draw boxes, add content to the boxes, assign actions to the boxes and then tell the actions when to start. It’s that easy! Xtivity exports the final project to the Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format which plays in the Flash Player on 98.3% of the world’s internet browsers, just like Macromedia Flash.


Some of the features included with Xtivity ...

  • Directly import Adobe® Photoshop® PSD files and add interactivity to each individual layer. If you edit your Photoshop file you can automatically flow these changes into Xtivity and each layer in your project is updated for you.
  • No timeline or content tweening. This makes updating content and interactive actions fast and easy, saving you time and money. Simply change the content in the box or change the action applied to the box. This gives Xtivity a true dynamic authoring workflow.
  • Add streaming audio and video to your web project in seconds. Xtivity directly imports and converts MP3, WAV, MOV and AVI files ready for the web.
  • Drag-and-drop masks, transitions, sounds, music loops, elements, components and other pre-created graphics. Create clipping groups, apply actions to nested groups, automatically externalize graphics and stream them in ... and so much more.

Find out what everyone is raving about. Purchase a copy of Xtivity and experience the power of simplicity.

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