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  Trees for Dogwaffle

PD Particles is great for quick painting, drawing and sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital painting,  animation & video, 3D and visuall effects

Trees from Foliage Brushes  |  Create_your_own_Trees  |  Other Trees

Foliage Brushes

Project Dogwaffle includes many types of brushes, including particle brushes and multi-stage particle brushes, called Foliage brushes. It started with particle brushes, also known as Optical Octopuss, aka Optipuss.

Discover the original very first Particle brushes here (v1.2!)

Occasionally we had updates with new presets and new features:

Another update: Age Decrement

This made it even better for roots, and branches that vanish in size towards the top

Optipuss has a single rule for the entire bush. They're great for tufts of grass, weeds, bushes and small trees like Winter branches. But when you need something more sophisticated, you need several types of particle rules combined into one set. Some rule for the bottom trunk and thick branches, another for regular branches, then another for thin branches or twiggs, then more for leaves, and flowers, or snow on top...

That's where Foliage brushes come in, with a sequence of up to 10 rules.

In version 8 we added this new type of brush, the Foliage brushes.

Learn more about brushes for Foliage generation 2 here.

A single brush stroke from bottom to top can produce a full bush, even a tree like this:
a full tree in a single brush stroke

Over the years there have been updates for new presets and features in Foliage brushes.

They generate branches in 3D, follow the mouse, react to gravity, change color, generte alpha channel, and offer ambient occlusion for self shading.

We have also produced a few free samples in PNG image format with transparent background.

Feel free to use the above royalty-free

Even if you don't use Dogwaffle.

Keep in mind that a good painting uses a variety of trees, grass and bushes, weeds and foliage of various styles.

Create and Paint your own Trees - Hero Trees

We've been painting for many years. Here are trees that go back 10+ years.

Below are new trees and tutorials on how to paint them

Tree tutorial 1, by Dan Ritchie

Creating tree stumps, big branches and other assets for trees with bark

Other Trees

If you're looking for companion tools and addons, consider this:

coming soon