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Professional quality physics based rendering on the GPU - fast.

What is Unicorn Render?

Unicorn Render is a high quality rendering solution for 3D scenes.
Unicorn Render is a product and trademark by Space Tech International from Paris, France.

Learn more about Unicorn Render here:

Unicorn Render is primarily made for architects and folks in professional rendering circles but with a particular focus on making it easy to get professional results without much of a learning curve. It is easy to use, and yet quickly produces amazingly realistic renderings. It is physics based rendering using your graphic card's CUDA PGUs. Recommended minimum is 16 GB of RAM and 500 CUDA cores. We've seen it work on fewer. Recommended standard configuration is 1800 CUDA cores and 32 GB of RAM.

If you have a high end gamer PC with a great graphic card, or a professional CAD/CAM PC, you're in for a treat!

Unicorn Render PLUS Dogwaffle - What's the potential?

We are experimenting and exploring the possibilities when combined with scenes from Project Dogwaffle's 3D Designer, and for adding post work and special effects.

For example, you can create landscapes, terrains, add erosion and sediments in DOgwaffle, then export it to Wavefront OBJ format for loading into Unicorn Render, where you'll add a background sky and lighting and create an amazing final render. Oh but it's never final. Take the rendered image back into Dogwaffle's PD Artist or PD Howler, add painted foliage, more lensflares, apply color filters, distant blur,  and a lot more.

Here is our very first render in preparation:

our very first rendering with Howler terrain data

rendered, then extra post work in PD Howler:

Make your own landscapes - with Project Dogwaffle.

 The snowy peaks and mountains of your dreams are not so distant anymore.

the mountains of your dreams are in reach