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  PD Howler 9 (and now 10) Promotion

                 Purely Ballistic: howling fast digital painting, and beyond

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This was a special Promotional Offer with Wonderfox Video Converter Factory (VCF)

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Realistic Water Color?

Pigment Lifting!
pigment lifting on
                        translucent water color

Paint this in mere seconds thanks to our Particle brushes
and Foliage brushes:

Foliage                      image 012

Got a vision?
Just paint it!
Foliage image 014

Art by
Mary Ferguson

by Jon Fryett

Nature paintings
by Frank Rodgers

Music video
by Dalemation

Mother nature
in the Northern States
by Dave Devoe

Lots of sea weed
in this underwater
game by Ax:el

PD Howler 9 is normally priced at about $40-$50 USD, depending on where and when you buy it.
That's not expensive, considering all it does. Some other tools cost $99 for just doing one of the many things that you can do with PD Howler, such as Motion Estimation. But you can still do even better.

Regular price =
$39 USD

WONDERFOX HUGE SUMMER 2016 Giveaway, Round 2:  It's Free!

Beware - This limited-time offer starts July 25 and expires early August 2016

Get it here for free:

The free giveaway is now over.

But the Sale is extended and continuing through Labor Day - September 5, 2016!

So,.... don't worry, here's another offer:
Get PD Howler 10 at a very strong discount - only through August 14 Sept 5, 2016.
Use this discount coupon:  VCF782016
Now starting around 50% off regular price,... still dropping lower daily on the discount amount,
so don't delay, or be prepared to pay a little more $$$ in a few days...

Click here to Order PD Howler 10
Click the link to see the discount applied automagically.

Or go to the general ordering page to use the above mentioned
dicount coupon on any of these:
PD Artist 9.6, PD Artist 10, PD Howler 9.6, PD Howler 10

As of 8/17, the discount was 50% - don't delay!

Important Reminder: Unlike the national debt... this discount is shrinking

66%, 65%, 64%,..., 51%, 50%,... how low will it go before you decide to order?

The amount of discount is variable and gradually shrinking: It started at 66% off (from the regular price) at the start of the promotion, and every day or two, it (the discount, not the resulting price) was gradually reduced - so you would get less of a discount if you waited. But you still will get at least 35% off, even near the end of the promotion. So hurry: if you want it, order early to save even more. And please help someone in need: tell a well-deserving friend or another starving artist too, or post something in your social media about this promotion. Don't keep this the best kept secret ever.

Use this discount coupon to upgrade to PD Howler 10 (full installer, discounted price):


order here:

Coupon expires August 14, 2016 - don't delay!

Extended through Sept. 5 Labor Day!

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See artwork from other users of PD Howler in our newsletter archives:

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Please don't use download accelerators that use 5-10+ threads at the same time. You are allowed 10 download attempts in 30 days from the same IP address region. Contact Philip if you ran into problems and need to have your download link reset or re-enabled.

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Are you an Indie Game Developer? Good News!

PD Howler is now also on Steam!

Watch our tutorials on the YouTube channel:

PD Particles, PD Artist and PD Howler

Foliage and Particle brushes

Motion Estimation

frameby frame animation

image stabilization

time sretching

3D mountains

audio-based brush size control for Orbicle brushes

Foliage brushes

Particle brushes

Particle based volumetric clouds


ambient occlusion

pigment lifting

natural media

Visual FX

Image sequences


See what PD Howler can do (Main Features)

See what's New

Watch the Trailer for the Steam Launch of PD Howler 9.6

PD Howler was used to create Stormy Clouds and Skies in Indie game "Tempest Citadel" by Aartform Games

In cooperation with...

Video Converter Factory

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The 2015 Xmas/NewYear Promotion:
that was PD Particles 9

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"Tempest Citadel" game by Aartform Games uses skies created in PD Howler

Colorized pencil portraits

painting with particle foliage brushes

Joan Scarborough

Children's books

New Tutorial on YouTube:

Particle Brushes Unleashed!
Particle Brushes Unleashed

Watch it now

Free Updates:
Downloads for PD Howler 9.6

3D Toon Stickers
Note: some are free for all, but some are only for buying users of PD Howler


for the free Howler 9.6++ update, use this unzip key:

'konifers' presets by Dave
pinetrees - Konifers by Dave

New! Ambient Occlusion on Foliage brushes adds 3D depth
painted in mere seconds with particle brushes
                    including ambient occlusion self shading
(available since PD Particle 9, PD Artist 9.6 and PD Howler 9.5/9.6 and beyond)

leonardo's horses


                    welcome message

goddess of sadness

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purely ballistic - PD
            Howler 9.5

Add filters, special effects, animation, tools for video, 3D landscapes etc...

PD Artist    -   paint, visual FX

PD Howler  -   paint, animate, video, visual FX