Playing Chess

Experiments with the Carrara Studio 3 Chess set


Carrara Studio 3  comes with a content CD (in addition to the application CD) which is loaded with lots of additional 3D models. There are roughly over 1000 models, many of them colored and textured, and ready for use in your 3D renderings.

A commonly found theme is that of rendering a chess set. It so happens that one of the models in the Carrara content CD is a chess set. Here are some renderings done with it.

We feel that Carrara is a great value not only for what the program can do, but also because of the numerous models and textures and other resources included in the Content CD.

A first test render - default raytracing and shadow settings
Carraras 3D chess piece set

Another test render, using Skylight Global Illumination and indirect lighting - also using soft shadows
skylight global illumination rendering