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Adolfo Padilla

Teaching Science in Mexico

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About Adolfo

I am currently a teacher of middle and high school here in Mexico and have been for 12 years now.

I was a science researcher for 13 years till my first wife died then i decided to help others, and became a teacher.

The problem with teaching is that students and teachers don't really know what concepts they need in order to construct knowledge.

So they try to learn or explain one concept unsuccesfully because a previous concept or ability is missing or not well understood.

Students and teachers become stressed and sadly teachers do not have the time to explain some very "simple concepts or techniques" or they are thinking that people should already know it, and students are afraid to ask or they lack a very simple and basic to the point explanation of that concept.

So my idea is to create a site with a tree of knowledge  for science I have taught: math, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics from middle to PhD schools, I have a good undertanding of  how knowledge is developed through years.

Lets say for example in the case of your project PD Howler... you have the videos but they are not ordered or structured for the people who don't really know how to use your program, and maybe you will need to explain what alpha channel is or what onion skin animation is for, (and maybe they are the customers that will buy the software).

You don't want to explain it over and over again, so instead it would be better to arrange the site as a tree

previous concepts   = linked to=      concept or technique  you are interested  = linked to applications.

People who want to do things don't want to see a video that says..."this is john doe and I blah blah blah" they just want to know what alpha is and its application to the point in a nutshell, and go straight to do something. videos can help but a tree is needed to guide them in their seek of knowledge.

[ Editor's note: there is a user guide (Help manual) for some of the basics of Dogwaffle/Howler ]

So I just bought a site and a domain.. paid for 3 years and  I had to buy several softwares for it but it is from my money, nobody by now is funding this, but I am doing it because I want to help my students and whatever other one that is in need ...anyway, I'm not willing to pay neither have the money to be paying for high end tools.

I would like to use Howler for graphics and animations for the website the spherize function is very good for buttons I think for example. but what can I say i like your software.
I also use project Xara webdesigner for my page , coppercube and tyrano visual builder for games to reinforce concepts.

Crippy Dawn

By now my site is a shame but I was preparing the instruments and will begin  to publish a lot in next weeks
It is my personal project.
I want to use software available for almost any person.
Here in Mexico schools teach with software that is not affordable for us, if the student can not pay and is taught to use expensive software for sure that is going to pirate the program here.
Steam is doing  a lot to fight the problem, so that is why I am trying to use software available from Steam.

Maybe when my site is good enough I could convinced someone to help me with the legal problems for receiving funds.

Anyway I just want the funds to be able to grow and sustain the site in the future because I live very comfortably being a teacher.

So that is my project...

Thanks a lot for asking just writing this give me a lot of energy to continue.

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I have not done fabulous things on pd howler yet ... I had to relearn a lot about web publishing these days. Javascript and PHP, to be able to do what i want.

Golden Sunset

I think I will be making some Lua scripts in coming days.. look for them!! :-)


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