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Aelin Namarie

Fantasy-waffling with PD Artist

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Hi, I am Aelin Namarie. I'm a hobbyist artist, living in France.

I had discovered the world of creation in 2011, with PhotoFiltre (2D program), but quickly I also discovered Daz Studio (3D program) and I oriented my work more in this way.

Here is a recent creation, where the background and some post work was done in PD Artist:

I love fantasy world (Elves, fairies, knights...), mythologies and Nature.

I use these worlds to create and a few times I plunge into short stories. And living in a small town, it's sometimes an opportunity to escape.

I continue to work with different programs, following my feelings and ideas: Daz, Poser, Bryce, Photoshop, Howler, Artist... PD Artist is the latest new of my  tools to date.

I discovered Howler at the end of 2014, and also that it allowed my favorite landscapes: mountains. I work more with PD Artist now for this, as I don't do animation yet, but keep an eye on both. I know that Artist is a subset, Howler does everything, including animation.

Even if i use always more the 3D programs, often complete scenes need to have a postwork and it's the occasion to try new things.

Always learning in the creation's world, I'm a member of the Fantasy Attic Forum:

Here I followed partially the series of tutorials "painting on landscapes". The tutorials can be seen on their YouTube channel at

At the start of part 3 of tutorial, I used the "blotcher" brush with a light green/grey to prepare the place of plants in the first plane.

I decided that plants are not far away - who has never dreamed to be near an abbyss, the precipice? ;)

After that, I started to add few trees but to create with them sort of big different weeds (in the particles=> foliages); then alternate with simple particles (changing some gradients in Sweep editor) and foliage.

Branches are to give more tall size at the landscape around us. They were added after a little bit of lens flare effect for the Sun.

And yeah, a lot of weeds on this wild area.

Voilą! in the end, I present you the "Tumbirai valley", where Elves like to ride when they have time.

Thanks for reading!