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Chloe Watermelon

Drawing, sketching, and loving it

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This is Chloe Watermelon. 

She likes to draw, with pencils, color pencils, colorize with markers too, and more.

She loves loves to capture the human figure, the beauty of the moment, the memory of life. Cats, dogs, girls, it's all beautiful.

Chloe has used Project Dogwaffle for a number of years, first with a free edition through Trialpay, lately with a more recent version of PD Artist.

    New!  Early June 2016 - read my update here

Here is a sketch that she drew in a few hours on paper with pencil, then colorized it and then scanned it to load into Dogwaffle:

pencil sketch:                                         colorized:

In Dogwaffle, she experiments with the many filters, such as threshold, contrast and other adjustment tools, and many more artistic FX filters. She uses them to create variants of the original sketch, such as Halftone and other looks:

Chloe has a website here:

She also wrote some poems.

Thanks for reading Chloe's DOTM page, and for visiting her website. If you want her to draw something on commission for you, write her!

Oh and you will find her also on ETSY, as catvortex.

Come on in to say meow!

Early June 2016 -

The face of a talented artist,... up all night to draw 14 images. Here are a few.

Added something special with some color markers, a gift from a good friend


of the Moment

and also:
the Howler
of the Moment!

PD Artist

PD Howler

PD Howler

PD Howler is on Steam!