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 Donald Cantrell

Dog waffles and prints.

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Hey! This is Donald.

I've used Dogwaffle for quite a while. Started with PD Artist, recently upgraded to Howler. I am also experimenting with various print services to take the designs into print on fabric such as clothing, and clocks and more.

About Society 6

Society6 is a print-on-demand service. You should probably know that I have been using dogwaffle for many years, in fact I can't draw without it or something similar! I have cerebral palsy and it affects my hands as well as my legs, I also have just one kidney so during this pandemic I've been really housebound. I started drawing for myself mostly abstract art and I put it up on my social media. In the section “the art I do” on my personal Facebook page.

My intention was to just share some of my artwork with relatives. I usually use them for wallpapers on my computer, but somebody on my Facebook friends list asked me where could he get a print of my artwork? So I found a place (Society6) and put it up. I’ve actually sold one picture so far and it's in his living room!

How I Started

I bought PD Artist, which Dan later upgraded to PD Howler ( for me, and I'm exploring other print-on-demand services, because this one was rather expensive for the customer. Although I made $20, he spent a fortune for artwork that if you had a decent printer he could have printed himself. Society6 seems to be the best of the bunch I found so far. If you've been looking for something like that, I can recommend them - they can make bedding, clothing, and other stuff from digital artwork.

Clocks have been kind of fun, typically they don't have numbers on Society6 if the original artwork doesn't have numbers. So, I had to relearn about paper sizes and layering to get the numbers right. The clock is a 10 inch round clock and the requirements are specific and relatively large so as not to lose quality.

Society6 doesn't have a template for it, nor any help for the designers. But with Tiffanie's help (Another Dogwaffler of the Moment!) I figured it out. I'm really beginning to know the ins and outs of Howler because of all the weird stuff I've had to do recently. I'd love being officially on the beta team. I've already squished two bugs in the program, confirmed by Dan.

I ain't no Gazillionaire... not just yet anyway!

But with your help, who knows what's possible :-)

I haven't sold anything yet, other than the picture, but society6 does a lot of things and I'll be working on stuff for the Christmas season as gifts,

I like doing abstracts because no one can tell me what they're supposed to look like - LOL - That type of art, is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Kudos again to Tiffanie Gray, a real trooper - she has been a tremendous help, as have Dan and Philip.

I even made a few designs for bed sheets, leggings, and t-shirts.

Some of those designs are absolutely huge! You can even design wallpaper on society6.

I have probably seen every video that PD Howler put up on YouTube and I'm working my way through Bob Ross, not to duplicate is artwork, but to learn techniques. Fascinating guy!

If you're looking for more samples and references:

I have been converting Photoshop brushes to Howler particularly useful are the palette knife brushes that I made with Tiffanie's help, as Bob uses is palette knife a lot. With Philip's help, I made Bob's palette, itself with the limited color scheme. Philip has since put out a tutorial on how to make color palettes but I think I started the discussion again with Bob Ross stuff.

Art I do - The software I use!
Fun, Fast & Affordable PC Software for Artists who love to Draw, Sketch, Animate and Paint!

Thank you very much, Dan Ritchie and Philip Staiger

Tutorials here:

I also got the idea to try from Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting

(Full Episodes) "Paint happy trees"

In response to popular demand, I made some of my images available to print-on-demand services.

Everything from canvas art to stationery, pillows, coffee mugs, and more. If you would like to purchase something try my stores.

Artpal- perhaps my main place, check my links there to some of the online stores:

Society 6


NOTE: This one (Zazzle) is really pretty neat, I think, because you can customize the appearance, how my art design will appear on your chosen item, such as a face mask! If you like my design and want to make it yours, in a particular piece of clothing or such, change size/orientation or other attributes -  it will be fun and I will be very honored as an artist to have contributed to you wearing something truly unique. It's all about the experience and whether it triggered an emotion, they say.



Feel free to contact me with any questions.