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 Art by Mike

Michael McDonald
Pop Artist Extraordinaire

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About Michael

Michael McDonald is a pop artist from Omaha, Nebraska.

McDread Unmastered is on SoundCloud

To learn more about Mike and see how and where he uses Dogwaffle and other tools to create his Art, visit his website:

Mike offers large poster prints of some of his art here:

Sample Art by Mike

Game fan art from a popular video game called Mirrors Edge.

They are based on it's well known art style.They use the same color palette as image taken from the game, and are pop-abstract representations of the two levels ofthey game they were inspired by hence their titles. The blue and white is called "The Shard" and the Orange is "Pirandello-Kruger" names taken directly from the game levels. Both pieces also sport the iconic eye insignia.


Bob's Window

"Bobs Window" is a fun little Pop art cartoon, I really enjoy throwing in a bright light source in my pictures. As humans our eyes are always drawn to the light, not sure why that is but It makes things pop. Being a pop artist, I love the effect it gives.

"Jordan Poster" & "Katie Poster"

Pop art meets fine art in these fuses between a flattering traditional portrait, and a colorfully thought out digital painting bursting with color and essence. I hope you enjoy looking at it as I did making it. I'll be doing quite a few more like this.


Ancient Building Concept 

Using some interesting custom brushes and playing colors off one another to make beautiful simplicity.

Mario Speed Paint

A digital painting I did when I finally got my "Fly in the ointment" Howler (v9.0) upgrade. There is of course a speedpaint video on my site, showing some of the unique creative tools brought to the table by dogwaffle.

New additions (January 2016)

Fantasy Landscape
Michael McDonald

Inspired by popular culture, this peaceful setting aims to invoke a feeling of prosperity and calmness
across the landscape.


Jordan V2
Michael McDonald

Another installment in the Pop Art Portrait Prints Series,
showing the results of using interesting colors in unconventional ways.


Michael McDonald

A painterly sky and vivid colors in a romanticized portrait of this wonder of the world.


Michael McDonald
Bright sun and cold waters. The surrealistic realization things might be warming up...


Market 42
Michael McDonald

A detailed drawing of a village market in the third world.


Fantasy Concept '15
Michael McDonald

Showing a small lake isle, conceptualized for the fantasy/rpg genre.


The Panther
Michael McDonald 
Bright colors can be seen in the moonlight as this beast of the jungle stalks the shadows.



The Infernal Machine
Michael McDonald

In the dark shadows of the cellar, the mad scientist has created his infernal machine...


To order or find more art by Mike, please visit

May/June 2016 Update

I've been experimenting with rap music. See and hear me on SoundCloud:

Incidentally, this was done with the help of PD Howler:

The reason I made McDread Unmastered wasn't to be edgy, or experimental. It was to prove a point. The point that a person who has learned, or has raw talent, can express carelessness in the studio, have fun, and still make better sounds than someone who has done minimal writing that takes little thought and who does a short recording then has the producer buff the beat up making it seem like it was the artist's raw talent that made the song good. But if I can look at your song and say "I could make that in less then a day" not being you...we have a problem.


of the Moment

and also:
the Howler
of the Moment!

PD Artist

PD Howler

PD Howler