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 Mike Hutchens

Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter
... and Dogwaffler of the Moment!


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If I Cross

If I Cross

crazy, by mind over matter

let the river run
let the river run

just passing through
just passing through

Help a Poor Man Live
help a poor man live

Space between Whispers
Space between Whispers

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Hi Mike, please tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I'm Mike Hutchens of Nashville, TN. I'm slightly over 60 now (and the foreseeable future), and active as a professional musician. I have released several CDs which are available for sampling at CDBaby. They range from Adult Alternative Pop/Rock such as "Crazy" dating back to the early 90's, and Pop & Pop/Rock like "Let the River Run" or "Just Passing Through", "Help a Poor Man Live" which is Blues / R&B, and recently (2012) "Space Between Whispers", which is all instrumental Jazz and Smooth Jazz, and for which I did the cover art in Project Dogwaffle.

new! Updated February 2015 - If I Cross (New Song for a movie)

"If I Cross" was written especially for the 2015 independent film "Ghosting" from The Mont Alto Film Project. The song is featured in this movie, and available at CDbaby and on eMusic, iTunes and a few more.

For more news about this exciting project and other developments, visit

How did you become a Dogwaffler?

I found Dogwaffle through a search for art programs on Google. My first version was PD Pro 4/4.1, which I got in 2007.  I now use version 8, the Artist edition, which I just recently upgraded to.

Wall garden

So would you say you're an artist inside and out, visual and acoustic and all that?

I do consider myself an "artist" at heart. I don't paint much but I have clear idea's of what I want to create. Dogwaffle lets me bring my ideas to life. It helps me accompany my musical thoughts and expressions, such as when designing the cover for my new CD. 

What kind of PC do you use when 'waffling'?

Until recently it was an old HP windows XP - 2.6 Intel processor. Since November 2012 I'm on a new PC with Windows 7, so much faster and greater in many ways. Dogwaffle is awesome on that new system. 

What do you like most about Dogwaffle?

This might sound patronizing but I like EVERYTHING about it.

Do you use other 2D imaging or painting tools?

I have used MS Paint and also Photoshop for text & titling only.

Do you use video editing/animation tools?

no, I don't do video or animations at this time. Perhaps in the future, but for now I'm happy with PD Pro 8 Artist edition, the lower-cost edition which doesn't come with the extras for animation or video.

Describe some of the images & experiences you had with PD Pro?

It took a little while to find the brushes etc.. that would produce what I visualized, what I imagined. I also created a few brushes of my own with images (Dogwaffle calls them Custom brushes) and stamped them down over the image. This took a few days to get together, experimenting and learning as I went through this.

Any last comments?

Overall I really love this program and can't wait to see what I can do next with version 8.

Thanks, and  I'm sure there will be new samples of it on your website soon. Where do you recommend our readers and fellow wafflers take a peek and listen to free samples of your great music?

That would be under the "Digital Art" section on my website at


                Hutchens plays guitar

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