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 Wow, PD Howler is a great program.       

              Peter Moonen   

Daz Studio + Howler, a powerful combination

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Wow, PD Howler is a great program!

Recently (December 15, 2018) I heard about it during a webinar by Tiffanie Gray:

and I bought a copy of PD Howler 11 on Daz3D. I really like this program and on Sunday I saw that there is a newer version of it and I bought it too. I am happy to support PD Howler.

Thank you for creating these great and very useful tutorials on Youtube, especially the RiverCanyon tutorials for modeling various landscape types and Puppy Ray for rendering. They are really good to learn to use PD Howler. I look forward for more of these great tutorials.

My main website is

and I also have a blog. Not very busy there, but it's there.

You'll find some of my work done with Daz studio and other tools, and now also Howler for landscapes and more to come.

3D Gallery -

Here are some landscape renders I did so far:

Fantasy Landscapes -

and here:

Bad Land -


and I am really impressed about the results I got out of PD Howler (Puppy Ray) as a beginner.

Today I had a strange problem with the sunlight, the sunlight is coming from another direction as the sun is on the background (see render I used the latest version of PD Howler and it is the first time I have this problem. It is not a big problem for me now then I can solve it in postwork.

>>> Perhaps this might help:

One thing to keep in mind is that the sunlight is actually a point light. It could be positioned somewhere in the middle of the scene and what you see is a projection of its disk, the "visible" Sun, to the back end in the Sky. The image of the Sun as you see it in the sky is not where the sun light actually comes from, since it's not a directional light with direction vectors but a point light source with a position. So in order to get to the two really closely correlated you may need to move the sunlight far out of the scene. And sometimes perhaps increase the light intensity a little, if you moved it really far. Point lights to fade away with distance.

other than that I seem to recall there was once a bug where it was a little bit more off but I think that's gotten fixed. What version are you using?

I suppose if you still have a problem with the light you could turn the visible sun off and add it in post-production later.

thanks for the samples I'll have a closer look tomorrow.

On my Wish list:

What I donít like in PD Howler is the behavior of the main menu. The sub-menu pops up on top of the menu-bar, when you select the wrong menu item, the popup menu is in the way to select the next menubar item. My suggestion is to popup the sub-menu not at the mouse pointer but a little lower at the bottom of the menu-bar.

>>> Perhaps this might help:
Not sure I've seen that. Can you show an example screenshot?
Note that the toolbar can be made to be floating. But you're mentioning the menu bar and the submenu, perhaps the context bar below the menubar?
Problems with the menu bar?.... perhaps you have a non-standard dpi on your screen settings?
or an old computer with problems to support GDI+ ?  Very rare, but just wondering.

Kind regards,

Peter Moonen

To learn more:

You could win a free copy of PD Howler or PD Artist - check the competition at