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Tony Kohlruss

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Other Dogwafflers of the Moment

Hi, My name is Tony, I live in Canada.

This is an amazing program! I think Dan is very gifted. I used to split my time between being a database developer and a musician, so I know the complexities of programming and the value of those with a vision and the talent to turn it into reality.

Fifteen years ago an accident ripped an artery in my neck and caused a series of strokes. I woke up on April fools day totally paralyzed. I could hear and understand but not respond in any way. Doctors thought death was imminent. I was determined to prove them wrong. Today, though there are still many deficits and I have not been able to work, I can function generally well enough to carry on. Despite all the things I've lost - I love life! A positive mental attitude, some willpower and determination can do wonders!

After using PD Howler I am excited about being able to express my creativity for the first time in years.  I was a musician and never tried painting but I've already made some Howler paintings that make me feel good about the possibilities.

I love your suggestion about selling artwork on the net. I may be a long way from being able to produce something good enough to do so, but at least I have a new goal.

Here are a couple of images I've created. I think there are others with disabilities who would be so thankful to have a program that could rekindle a spark of creativity and maybe help them earn some extra income.

Have a great day,

You can find more of my art in this group on Facebook: