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Jaakko - the decisive_sloth

about 3D models, Photography, and waffling

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Updated October 2016  Update!

I have been busy starting my new website and new youtube channel.

My new site? it is

My 3D Coat review got some attention, as Pilgway shared it in their site (

I will also take a look at Dogwaffle soon and make a written review to my site.

About Jaakko


hello, I am JaakkoHi, I'm Jaakko Saari and live in Yokohama, Japan. I originally came from Finland, and graduated from New York Institute of Photography in 2015.

I've done freelance 3D for a few years. More about it below.

I also published a book on photography, online at

Be sure to read my journal. There is this saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes it's good to read some extra insights, backgrounds and commentaries. When you understand the artist, you'll understand the art.

The same goes with painted art. When you know the artist personally, when you know why they painted what they painted, it adds a very deep connection to the story told.

Here is an excerpt from my blog, on the Scenery of my Childhood:

I was adopted when I was two years old. I lived with my grandma my first two years, in a small house in middle of forest. She suffered from a heart condition, so I was adopted to a new family. That’s how I met my parents, Kirsti and Eino a wonderful people who had a dairy farm by a beautiful lake. My name “Saari” means island in Finnish, and this is related to actual island in the lake.

The scenery of my childhood was a beautiful one. There were birch and apple trees by the house, and there was nice view to the lake from the yard. Mother would bring coffee and bagel she made to enjoy under the birch trees during summer. I could ski or skate on the frozen lake during winter. The surface of the lake was glittering in sunshine, and a cuckoo would cry in those endless midsummer hours.

This time may never return, but I wish to convey this memory to my son. I am forever moved by the properness and kindness of these people.

I'm specialised in environment modelling for 3D environments. I have also done animation work and rigging.

My main website is currently being re-done.

My YouTube channel is here:

I also make music. You can listen to free samples of my earlier music here:
and my more recent music here:

About Jaakko's 3D Art and Dogwaffle

I am also known as 'decisive slooth', as well as 'yaschan' on Turbosquid. As mentioned, I create 3D models too, and offer them for sale on Turbosquid:

I use Lightwave 3D a lot. Other tools too, of course, but LW3D I really love.

When I was learning Lightwave and I was new to the 3D world, I made a small animation movie.

(I modeled and animated all by myself) 
The level of textures and details don't look like much now, but I am glad I made this because I virtually learned everything about 3D modelling during that time period.
I really fell in love with Lightwave.

Here are a few other pieces:

lighthousesolar sail shipwooden cabin

So I recently came across Project Dogwaffle's PD Artist, and started using it.  Also using PD Howler now.

Here's my first quick video in Youtube about PD Artist :)

And here's another:

I am especially interested about possibility of making the models look like paintings with PD Howler.

Thanks for reading this, and look for more updates in the future.


of the Moment

and also:
the Howler
of the Moment!

PD Artist

PD Howler

PD Howler

PD Howler is on Steam!