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Philippe Delvigne

Dogwaffler of the moment, November 2003

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Bonjour! My name is Philippe Delvigne.

I live near Paris, France and like to compose music and paint in aquarel.
Then I also spend a lot of time making and maintaining my website, and playing with several 3D programs such as Maya or 3DS Max, and of course the usual mix of imaging and video effects composition tools.
You can see my portfolio and experiments in Flash at  my website:

In my 2D gallery (snapshot shown here to the right) you can interactively flip the pages showing my aquarels right with the mouse.  I love this stuff!

So one day I came across project Dogwaffle. Wow! Here's what I wrote in the dogwaffle forum at yahoogroups shortly thereafter:

"I'm so happy to join this wonderful team of happy Dogwaffle users !

I just tried this wonder a few days ago, and couldn't help paying the ridiculously low fee for using it :)  

And, I wanted to share my first attempt at painting with this wonderful tool, after something like 1/2 hour of hips and hoops ;)

Hope ya like it, even if it's far from perfection... "

Of course, Dogwaffle is not the best at everything, like text or making 3D buttons for web, but hey, it's only version 1.6, unlike some other well established programs which I also use. But I have to say that for painting natural styles and particularly my preferred style, aquarel, this is the best I've seen.  In no time I was able to create paintings that look so realistically close to the real thing, well almost, I mean, without the mess!

Hey, perhaps that's a feature they should add in version 2: the occasional spill of ink and paint where you don't want it, or a broken bristle, detached from the brush and ruining your masterpiece. You know, like the real thing.   :-)

But why am I saying "they"? Do you realize this program is the work of just one person, just one, and he's not only a programer, he's also an artist and 3D animator, and a writer too !?

Even my wife who usually doesn't care much for art software on the computer, she couldn't let go of the mouse  and she's spent hours already dabbling with dogwaffle, and she had fun making greeting cards. So much fun!

Seriously now, if you have been thinking about finding your inner self by painting but you can't find the time to do so because you're constantly stuck at airports on business travel, you should consider getting Dogwaffle, at least the free version. Oh, shame on me, I should support these guys. After all like I said, Dan Ritchie the creator of Dogwaffle is an artist himself.  So please, do like I did,  get and use the latest, greatest Dogwaffle of them all. I think you'll be very pleased.
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