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Robin Pirez

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Bonjour, hello, my name is Robin Pirez, and I am an illustrator and visual artist living in France.

I show some of my Dogwaffle & Fireworks artwork at Deviant Art - my name there is steamrobin :  and also at my first game website, with a very big map of North America and dozens of units made in 2D (mix Vector/Bitmap) with Fireworks.

I learned about Dogwaffle a few years ago while searching for a replacement of my version of Art Dabbler (included as a bundle with my Wacom Tablet in 1997... oui oui  it's been a while :-).

When I found Project Dogwaffle, I tried the freeware 1.2 version first and found it to be excellent, but actuallly, not convenient enough for my daily use. PD Artist was the next step, now I use PD Pro, and there's no substitute. It is pure adrenaline for my graphic pen and brushes.

In the past, I used Dabbler for small sketches which was enough for my need of bitmaps, since I am a great lover of vector art. Usually, I make my creations with Illustrator (and Photoshop too, sometimes) but more frequently with Macromedia Fireworks which is my favorite 2d Vector/bitmap application.

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PD Artist

I work for multimedia products and advertising, but also for gaming and of course for my own pleasure. I created a lot of graphics and visuals (mostly in Fireworks back then) for the game Birth of America.

Project Dogwaffle Professional seems very rich in this newest version 4, and I am sure I will be using it very often for all my works, notabilly in case of "Romantik Design" works or creation of texture for maps of games and over uv-maps in 3d models... And why not for landscape painting, since I haven't had enough time to pursue my own watercolor works... I saw another beautiful aquarelle/water color painting by another French artist here -  and that tells me I may end up also doing much more pure water color paintings than I first knew.

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