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Michael Tumey's
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Creating Realistic Trees and Foliage for board games

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PD Particles - PD Pro

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into 3D: draw a shape, and see it
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Fast 3D sketching, colormap, bumpmap and displacement map painting and digital & sculpting:
Curvy 3D
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Michael Tumey runs where they print RPG maps for game masters. You may have seen them in use at game conventions such as GenCon, Wizardworld etc...

Mike lives in Ottawa, Illinois, USA and is Graphics Design Professional. He heard of and discovered Project Dogwaffle by accident while searching for tutorials for Bryce. There is indeed a tutorial or two on Bryce, as used with PD Particles, and others with Project Dogwaffle Professional.

His first version was PD Particles. His goal is to make realistic (or at least interesting and different) looking trees and foliage for his games. These are not video games, not 3D side views either. These are board games, and maps for RPG (role playing games).  Typically they require a top-down view.

As of early July 2007, it's only been a week or two that Mike's been 'waffling'.

Mike also uses 3D programs like Nendo, Raydream, Carrara, Poser, Daz3D, Cinema 4D.

His specialty is digital printing: "I've also done some animation work (local tv advertising and forensic display for court) but not much."

Mike continues: "I run the family business '2me Studio, Inc.' a small town: custom graphics, digital printing, vinyl signs, reprographics center and web design studio. I've also just started a company within, called Gamer Printshop that specializes in the design and printing of gaming maps for the Role Playing Games industry."

What do you like about PD Particle?
It's quick, easy, powerful and cheap - the best kind of software you can find.

What needs improvement?
Improvements? You've already got it all in the PD Pro version, so is it worth mentioning? ;-)
What other imaging programs do you use?
Micrografx Designer (which is no longer available, but I still use it), Adobe Photoshop, Xara Xtreme -  The tutorial I created for PD Particles was entirely generated in Xara.

Do you have a website of yours, with more images?
  My art is scattered across the cybersphere, here's one:


Learn more:
a tutorial (1.5 MB, PDF)


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