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 The Warp Hole

by Faith Jones   

All images featured here below are copyright (c) Faith Jones  or their respective owner. - no unauthorized use or reproduction is allowed. No direct linking to images please. If you wish to make use of any images shown here or elsewhere on this website please obtain proper permission from the author.

Hi, it's Faith,
I live in South Wales, UK.

PDHowler is epic, I first started using it in 2015, and watched some of the tutorials.

Here's my Instagram, a lot of my VFX utilise 3D landscapes created in part with PDHowler:

These make great live wallpapers for my phone.

I've found the software unlike any other, it feels like a lot of the smoke and dagger has been taken out unlike other software packages.

This one is PD Howler with landscape in Puppy Ray GPU, Heavily edited in After Effects

This one uses JSplacement with Puppy Ray GPU. JSplacement is a free tool to create great elevation maps for 'landscapes' like cityblocks, streets, rural mess etc...


Tunnel Filter, my favourite filter.


Puppy Ray GPU, again

This one is my favourite: Tunnel with artistic Graphic Pen filter. To me it evokes a horror aesthetic, like Manga by Junji Ito (


Thanks for watching!

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