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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: all artwork shown here is (c) copyright Wiscojaydub aka John Hansen or their respective owners. No unauthorized use allowed. Please contact the author.

My name is John W. Hansen   a.k.a wiscojaydub or jaydub.. I live in Racine, Wisconsin. USA and am slightly over 60 now. 

Being retired & on disability, I am starting a new career being a self sustaining artist. I am doing what i have a huge  passion for! You can't beat that!

 I  started  out with a windows 98 computer, with 815 megabyte hard drive.    I somehow  got online, and  was messing with the "windows paint". Then i got Twisted Brush, TB  program size was what got me my first big puter (30 giga) and on to broadband. Once on broadband  i got hooked on  using Dogwaffle.

I started out with the Dogwaffle 3 (I think?). Whatever version that was available back in 2004. I've been using PD Pro since 2004... and it's been a life changing experience.

I truly now believe that me doing art in any medium is existential to me! I am blessed with the gift of digital art.

I am using a H.P. Presario Compaq P.C. CPU 2.53 GHZ, 1.49 RAM,   69 giga hard drive, with 16 gigas remaining I also use a 450 Giga Free Agent external hard drive for storing files.

What do I like most about Dogwaffle?
 It is direct and simplistically easy to use, it allows the artist to be instinctive in using the many tools and filters. Plus using  the delete feature is very encouraging, because if i make a mistake or a decision that is not good, i can undo it.

What needs improvement (with Dogwaffle)?

I ..........  really even after 6 years of dogwaffling, and doing over 5,000 art files, i am just scratching the surface. The user (ME) is the one who needs improvement, not the dog.

I use a few other programs in conjunction with Dogwaffle and with each other...Twisted Brush, Art Rage, and Adobe Photoshop CS2.
There are things I do that just came from experimenting with these programs. No worries! Just go and be your creative self. There are many of my files that i can re-do and copy and paste together.The possibilities are endless.

LOL i have done over 5,000 images experimenting with the programs, it takes around an hour to do them. Most of them are from scratch, blank screen  and improvised as i go along the way. I have done manips too, using published files off the internet or using a scanner. I am however starting to slow myself down and try be more intense in my image making.....

Thanks for having me express my gratitude to dogwaffle!

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