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Free update for Project Dogwaffle:

 The Worley Noise Filter

Made and tested for PD v10, such as PD Howler 10 and PD Artist 10, but could also work with earlier versions

PD Pro, Howler edition
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Important Prerequisite

This filter was developed and tested for PD Howler 10 and PD Artist 10. It may work with v9.6 but we have not tested it much for that or earlier versions. Use at your own risk.

What is the Worley Noise filter?

This is a noise rendering filter named after Steve Worley. See Wikipedia:

How to Install it?

You will need to identify the folder in which your Project Dogwaffle is installed. For most standalone users the default path is:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Howler

For installation from Steam, it may be in the steamapp\common subfolder, such as this for Howler v10:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PD Howler 10

Be sure to locate your installation folder. The file for the Worley filter will have to be manually added to that folder.

Beware: This patch is not distributed as an installer. You will simply download a file named WorleyNoise_pf.exe, that is meant to be added to the existing installation folder.

Download and save this newest version of the file:  (New! updated November 23, 2016)

WorleyNoise_pf.exe    size = 43.5 KB (44,544 bytes exactly)

Note: a few people have reported having problems with the new version of this plugin, but presumably no problem with the older, prior version. If you lost the old plugin, here it is again. We named it slightly differently so you can in fact install and keep both.

WorleyNoise-old_pf.exe    size = 43.0 KB (44,032 bytes exactly)

Important: Be sure to scan it once more through your antivirus. Never trust downloaded files, especially executable (.exe) files, even if you trust the poster. After all, if the site was hacked, it could have been tampered with. So always be on the safe side, scan your downloads with a good, up-to-date antivirus. We do the same, every time, no exceptions. If you need help with this, don't hesitate to ask.

Then copy the file into the current Folder where you have PD Howler 10 or PD Artist 10 installed. 

After placing a copy of the file there, start project Dogwaffle again so that it may discover the presence of the new filter and list it in the Miscellaneous filters view.

After you restart PD Howler or PD Artist, you should see the Worley Noise filter in the "Filter > All plugins > Filters" submenu:

free Worley Noise plugin

Note: This is a plugin version of the filter. We will also implement it directly in a future version of Dogwaffle, which could run faster and may have additional features. For now, use the free plugin version.

As usual, you can also see the plugin in the Plugins panel. Here's a reminder: From the View menu, use Plugins or keyboard shortcut 'k'.  If the panel is already open, you'll need to refresh the loaded list. Use the option to the right for this.

click image to enlarge.

Note that in this example, the new and the old version are both showing. Both still work.

What to do with it?

There are many beautiful and mysterious ways to use Worley noises, from making it a displacement map to using it as texture for subtle bump map, to using it as an elevation map in 3D rendering or turning it into a brush and painting with it. It can be used as a basis for caustcs and surface waves and sand dunes too. Here are a few, we hope it inspires.

Important: The filter will not automatically start rendering. When you click OK, it also does not do any extra rendering. You will need to move the values or sliders to see the progress continue with new values and settings, and/or you will want to click the Render button for a full refresh with last chosen current settings.

Using WorleyNoise Plugin in PD Howler 10 (Click image to enlarge)

Using Worley Noise plugin in Howler 10

Using WorleyNoise Plugin in PD Howler 10 under Steam

Worley noise filter in PD Howler 10 under Steam

Blue Sand Dunes (rendered in PuppyRay and with added post for lens flares)

blue sand dunes

Subtle underwater caustics


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