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Free update for PD Howler:

 Water Caustics as a plugin

Made and tested for PD v10, such as PD Howler 10 , but might also work with earlier versions.

PD Pro, Howler edition
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Important Prerequisite

This plugin was created for PD Howler 10. It will become integral part as an animated filter in future versions. For now we also make it available as a plugin to PD Howler 10. If you have an earlier version of Howler, such version 9.x, it probably will work too, but we didn't test it much there.  You might want to upgrade to version 10 though, for better performance. If you need your discount coupon for upgrading, please contact us.

What is the Water Caustics plugin?

If you ever stood at a swimming pool on a sunny day and looked down into the water, you may have noticed a display of dancing bright lines, constantly changing shapes across the bottom of the pool.

Those are called water caustics, resulting from the refraction of sunlight at the water's surface.

This filter renders a simulated, animated set of such dancing caustics.

How to Install it?

This patch is not distributed with an installer. Instead, you will want to simply download a file named, that is meant to be added to the existing installation folder. Actually, it is a zip archive containing two files: the executable file, and the associated manifest file.

You will thus need to locate and open the folder in which your Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler is installed. For most standalone users the default path is:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Howler

But it could be elsewhere in your installation, especially if you did install it in a location different from the default location, or if the default location has changed over time since your old version. For installation from Steam, it may be in the steamapp\common subfolder, such as this one, for Howler v10:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PD Howler 10

Be sure to locate your installation folder.

Download and save this new version of the file:      Size = 24.4 KB (24,999 bytes exactly)

Content of the zip archive: 2 files: WaterCaustics_pf.exe, and
Important: Be sure to scan it once more through your antivirus. Never trust downloaded files, especially executable (.exe) files, even if you trust the person who is offering it. After all, if the site was hacked, it could have been tampered with. So, always be on the safe side, scan your downloads with a good, up-to-date antivirus. We do the same, every time, no exceptions. If you need help with this, don't hesitate to ask.

Unzip the content from the downloaded file, then copy the files into the current folder where you have PD Howler installed. 

After placing a copy of the file(s) there, start Project Dogwaffle again so that it may discover the presence of the new filter and list it in the Miscellaneous filters view.

After you restart PD Howler, you should see the Normal Map  filter in the Filter > All plugins > Filters sub-menu.

More details? Where else can you find it?

You can also find the plugin at the developer's site from Dan Ritchie at

How to Use it?

Check the video below to see how to install and use it:

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