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Start the clock by clicking Start then walk slowly toward the Finish area by slowly moving the cursor from one box to another. This is called Stepping. The step you are in is numbered and/or colored to show hazards nearby. A total eclipse "" means that no adjoining (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) step is a trap. A partial eclipse "" means one of the adjoining steps is a trap. A hazy, overcast eclipse "" means two of the adjoining steps are traps and so on. If you hear the "Zapper" and see the cloudy washout "", you stepped on a trap and the game is over. Your score is based on whether you reach the Finish or are Zapped. If Zapped, your score is the number of steps you took. If you reach the Finish your score is twice the number of steps you took minus the time it took to get there.
Default is the easiest level of play. Press "Harder" for a more difficult game.
To play again, Press "Play Again".

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