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Known Problems and Work-Arounds

Ok, you're here, which means you have had some problems in accessing our site. Ours is a young team, creating a webcast for the first time. With any startup, problems and incompatibilities present themselves which may not be fixed in time for the event. Some problems include the pages themselves, some include compatibility of mirror sites, and others include browser differences and hardware differences on user PCs. The following table lists the typical problems which have been reported and any work-arounds we have found.

Images are not appearing on my live showcase window. What's wrong? Our mirrors are still wringing out mapping problems. Sometimes this prevents the live showcases to complete their loading of images. Also it appears that screen size may play a role in other situations. It appears that 640x480 may be too small for these pages to adequately load (another browser anomaly) it has been observed that a minimum resolution of 800x600 clears this problem if it was not a mirror problem. If your resolution is OK, try another mirror.
What are all these cookie requests? How come I don't hear music if I don't accept them?The Eclipse'98 site uses cookies to allow music settings to be remembered from page to page and in later visits. Please enable cookies to hear the music.
I enabled cookie requests and I still don't hear music. What's wrong? Some of our mirrors are having difficulties configuring properly for our music jukebox. Try another mirror.
I'm using a Mac and am getting all kinds of javascript errors. What's wrong? This is somewhat of a puzzle but it appears that javascript works differently on PCs and Macs. Since we designed on PCs, these incompatible pages were not revealed until it was too late to do anything about it. Please try to access using a PC if possible.
I'm getting tune not defined javascript errors. What's wrong? Not sure what's wrong, but hitting reload normally fixes this.
Sometimes I get code text appearing on my screen instead of display. What's wrong? Our mirrors are still wringing out mapping problems. Sometimes a javascript include file with a .js extension gets misinterpreted and appears as a separate window. If you get this, close the text window and reload of the orignal page usually works.
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