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Santa Clarita and San Diego, California
October 1st, 2014

Dan Ritchie and TheBest3D.com have announced the release and immediate availability of PD Howler 9.5.

PD Howler Digital Painter is a natural media paint and animation program with a slant toward visual effects, including tools for video, such as motion estimation. With support for multi-threading and GPU based acceleration, Version 9.5 adds tools for 3D landscape and texture artists, as well as animators and photographers, in addition to enhanced foliage painting and a new particle modeler to create things that look like volumetric clouds.





What's new in Howler 9.5? Part 1 - General Overviewhttp://youtu.be/qSkgY6Cmyp4
What's new in Howler 9.5? Part 2 - The Particle/Clouds Modeler:
Creating the River Canyon - the Tutorial - http://youtu.be/xIeP21SuA9I

Summary of Major Features that are New


What's new in Howler 9.5...


  • Improved onion skin with more visible layers and layer options, and Red-shift to make it easier to determine past and future frames
  • New particle modeler and animator to render cloud like phenomenon
  • Foliage and particle painting changes
  • Ambient occlusion on foliage for more realism
  • z-buffering, so you don't need to keep track of painting in any particular order
  • Speed improvements
  • No more post redraw on foliage particles
  • Spring setting for Orbicle particle brushes
  • 3D Designer changes
  • Floating point pipeline
  • Improved lighting and specular highlights
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Raytraced shadows
  • Cloud systems
  • Erosion and sediment
  • Shading by slope, altitude, and sediment
  • Store height map, texture, slope and altitude masks, zbuffer, lighting buffers, and more for later use

Tools for landscape texture artists

  • Slope shading filter
  • Ambient occlusion filter
  • Erosion filter
  • Export OBJ objects of terrain mesh for interop with 3D programs

Software Architecture changes

  • Multi-threading: Now supports up to 64 threads/cores, up from 12.


  • Local contrast filter stretches the dynamic color range in local areas to simulate the look of higher dynamic range images

More details here: http://thebest3d.com/howler/9/what-is-new-in-the-Howler-9.5_Purely_Ballistic.html

Pricing and Availablity

Howler 9.5 is a paid update for existing Howler users. If you are a user of Howler 9.0-9.2,   you will receive a special discount of around 72% off regular price. Other users of prior versions will also receive significant  upgrade discounts. The regular price is $89.