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Foliage Brushes -  New Presets in v9.5

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let's howl


PD Music?

The Music of Project Dogwaffle

Ok, you've created the perfect 3D or painted visual. Need a  perfectly matching mood enhancer?

Just add music - royalty-free



This is new with PD Howler 9.5 - Purely Ballistic  ... Learn more about other Howler features

Ambient Occlusion / Shading on 3D foliage brushes  - learn more

There are a few new presets too. Here are a bunch of them. Some may not be new. We may just have come to like them a lot as we explore what's new.

Quick Reminder: this is where you access Foliage brushes:

click to enlarge

Here is an example:  Bamboo01

(click images for larger view)

This one is called Upshoot_01: 

Here are a whole bunch of new Evergreen presets, starting with Evergreen09:

Here is Herb_08:

Ligustrum_02 looks great with the new ambient occlusion / self-shading:

Here is an example in wich we combined a few different brushes.
It takes only a few casual brush strokes to do this in seconds!


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