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    Thank you so much for using PD Artist. Most likely, you will find that installing and using PD Artist comes natural and is straight-forward and easy.

   Still, and over time, we're going to have some feedback and solutions that a few may have encountered. Bookmark this page and come back soon.

   For now, since much of PD Particles is based on the Optipustics particles and powered by Project Dogwaffle, here are some links to information that may help too, coming from Project Dogwaffle:

Also, be sure to join the official Dogwaffle forum at Yahoogroups - ask questions, we're all there, happily waffling and painting with Project Dogwaffle and PD Artist.

  • How to verify your version:

Version 7.2 is code named 'Hobs and Jills'

Version 8.2 is code named "Skyock's Egret"

Click here for 8.2c installation details

Got a Mac? Want to Paint and Draw with Project Dogwaffle on a Mac?

If you have one of those new Macs based on Intel processors (also known as the Mac/Intel), then you can run Windows and Linux on it too. There are several solutions for this, such as:
to name a few. Oh, and there's also some free solutions based on Wine HQ - Please nore that we have not tested all of them, and we don't know if all are suitable for you, based on your system configuration, performance and budget. Some of the above mentioned products are free, some require a Windows Installer CD, some don't.... do your comparisons, get the facts, and take your pick.

Other News:
Free addon: Penny Paint
for PD Artist 1




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