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What's new in PD Particles 1.2?

The reason for this update patch:
The main goal of  this update patch is to introduce the plugins manager. This is a tool found in PD Pro and PD Artist (even in Dogwaffle 2 and the earlier, freeware version). It organizes the various available plugins in different categories:
  • Filters
  • Import plugins
  • Export plugins
  • Brush plugins
  • Miscellaneous plugins
You can find the Plugins panel in the Window menu of PD Particles 1.2, as well as in the toolbar below the menubar.  There's also a keyboard shortcut:  'k' for killer plugins

There are not many plugins yet, but this is the first step in making more plugins easily available, without the need for a full updater. Once you have this version in place, you'll be able to more easily add plugins as we gradually release them for use on PD Particles. 

What's new in PD Particles 1.2

  • Added Plugins interface panel:
  • access the plugins from a button in the top toolbar
  • also access plugins from the Window menu
  • or hit 'k' shortcut for killer plugins

  • Added new filters:
  • Weave_pf.exe.... the weave pattern filter
  • Mysticvision_pf.exe.... a basic version with hotspot in the middle
  • Maxsharpen_pf.exe.... updated, now with interface & options

  • Added export plugin:
  • SetWallpaper_px.exe.... export current image to the Windows wallpaper

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Graphic Pen filter effects:

Cross hatch, scribble, Crayon,....

Many of the effects shown in this animation above are done with the Graphic Pen filter, now also included in PD Particles! Some effects are best done with PD Pro.

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