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Tabs & Dialog Interfaces


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 Particle 9 is here!

There are no more menus. Well, almost none. There is one menu left, the File menu.

But apart from that, all the options are exposed below the menu bar, the moment you choose an item from the menu bar. Easy peasy!

Here are the various elements of the menu bar:

First, the File option, with its menu:

Next, the Image options:

Brush options:

Selection options:

Filter options:

View options:


Help options:

The Toolbar:  (can be floating or make it stick on left or right side)

the toolbar, in 2-column mode

Bottom bar for brushes and color pickers:

Most items will have additional sub-items, popup windows etc... Here's an example in the View area, with Layout options, Tablet sensitivity tuning options, General program settings, sample gradient editors etc.... Below the selected bar there wll usually be one or two extra context-dependent bars, the Option bar(s).

View options