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Alpha Skills
Lesson 1 (part3)

Selecting a simple image shape to
create a custom brush from it

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Managing the custom brush:  Store brush

Now that the selection is in the custom brush, you may want to store this brush, for future use in different sizes, angles, colors and shades.

menu:  Brush > Store / manage...


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The floating window that contains the stored brush can be resized if needed. You'll notice that by default, the selection mask was used to make the selected pixels opaque (visible) while the remaining pixels turned transparent.

You can now use the Scale/Rotate controls, and various others such as Hue, to change the appearance of the image in your brush.

You can thus quickly also get to smaller hearts, purple, yellow and other colors....

Other things to try with the custom brush:

Click the brush image icon (that's not the brush tool, but the brush image). It will show you the brush settings, also known as brush options. Keyboard shortcut: 'o' for options

In the brush settings anel, select the Custom tab. That will show options which are only for Custom brushes.

The checkbox "Allow custom brush transforms" is originally unchecked.

Be sure to check it, if you want the size and angle of this custom brush image to be controllable by things such as tablet pen pressure, mouse speed or random angle.

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After enabling (checking) the custom brush transform, switch back to the Main tab which shows general options.

Adjust values such as Size, Opacity, Step and more. Notice that the Random position always takes effect even before checking the "Allow custom brush transforms" option as shown above. The position is a simple offset, doesn't take much time to apply to the brush no matter how big the custom or internal brush image is. However, doing a rotation or a change in size does require significant amounts of calculations, so Dogwaffle makes it an option you have to request. This the prior exercise above.

You can now for example check the box "Use pen" to have the program to calculate the angle dynamically and on-the-fly while you draw, and based on the path that the pen takes. The heart will thus 'line up' with your drawing path.

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For example, if you draw in a spiral, the hearts will ook liekt his here.

<< Click to enlarge

If you uncheck the 'Use Pen' option, the heart will keep the same orientation, i.e. there's no rotation based on path.

Other things like random Hue are not affected.

Here's an example using the Rectangle tool, in which the custom brush is drawn along the rectangular outline.

That's it for this short lesson. Come back for more.