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masks and other digital disasters

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If you've never worked with digital imaging or painting tools, you may be totally new to this, and we recommend you take it one lesson at a time, starting with the first. Some basic Dogwaffle knowledge is useful. Do you know where your primary and secondary colors are? Do you know how to jump to the Swap buffer? that sort of things.

  • Lesson 1 - selecting a simple image (few colors) to turn it into a custom brush
  • Lesson 2 - a first look at multiple selections (using Shift-click) and hand-crafting a multi-frame animated brush
  • Lesson 3 - selecting multiple regions with SHIFT key, using Left mouse button to add to the selection, or right mouse button to subtract from the current selectionrectangle or oval to alpha
  • Lesson 4 It's practice time! Another little project where SHIFT-click with the magic wand comes in handy to reverse-engineer a logo into its original components, separating it from a complex background.
  • Lesson 5 - The Lasso tool
  • Lesson 6 - Rectangle and Oval to Alpha selections
  • Lesson 7 Support Mount Wilson Observatory.
  • Lesson 8to skin an apple
  • Loading an Image to Alpha & Painting on Alpha - with PD Particles too  new!

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