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Alpha Skills
Lesson 3

Adding and removing to/from the current selection

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Exploring more alpha tools

You can now for example erase the content of the selected pixels to a different color. Set the primary color for example to orange, and right-click the erase tool (the big X), then select "Clear selected to primary"

Other things to explore: you can also invert the alpha (the selection) and replace it through the stored alpha window:

If you right-click on the alpha tools, a floating window will pop up, for Alpha options. most of these options are also accessible from the Alpha menu

Notice the alpha effects near the bottom:

    - Paint on alpha
    - Alpha glow
    - Drop shadow
    - Emboss by alpha

There's a lot you can do with just applying these in various sequences and combinations, and inverting alpha occasionally.

For example, can you tell how this was created?

Hint: emboss by alpha, invert apha, alpha glow (with different primary color)

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