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Here's an example of something you can do with Archipelis,  and in just a few minutes... convert a 2D logo to a 3D version and animate it in your favorite 3D animation program.

3D model animation as a
Quicktime 320x240:

  • Start with a  logo:

  • Load the image as a texture into Archipelis Designer. Trace  the  desired shapes to convert them to 3D... The texture on the 3D shapes created this way come directly from the image you traced. A 3D reconstruction like this one shown below takes just a few minutes.

You can trace the wing once and mirror copy it to the other side. Archipelis Designer also lets you reposition the created objects, such as the legs, to separate them to slightly different depth for left and right legs.

  • Save the 3D model as an Archipelis model, then also export it to .obj (Wavefront). You can then load it into your favorite 3D animation and rendering program such as  TrueSpace or Carrara and create an animation. In the example below we duplicated the 3D penguin several times and  made them jump out of the water at different time intervals. 

click mage for fullscreen view

Here's a first Carrara rendering:

Quicktime 7 (H.264) version: 320x240 (149 kb)

This one has additional postwork done in Project Dogwaffle: