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I'm a hardcore Lightwave3D user. Let's see what this can do...
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Hello fellow 3D modelers, animators and artists-at-large. Dan Ritchie here. Some of you may remember me from the glory days at Foundation Imaging. Others have enjoyed some of my plugins for LW3D. I've used Lightwave3D for much of my past 3D work and still consider it my favorite. But being that I don't currently have the means to bring it back to my PC, I've looked at Blender, wondering this and that.

Welcome to my self-exploration trip. I'll record a few tutorials here and then, and add them here for the benefit of those who have time to watch.

Here's a first - Tutorial #1 :

tute 1
Tutorials #1
- Displacement Maps to create rough surface on meteor-like shape (aka cosmic popcorn)

tute 2

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