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Blender Resources

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Blender is a pretty amazing, complete and powerful 3D program for modeling, animation, rendering and game creation too. It is Open Source, free and very surprisingly rich in features and in many other ways than just for 3D. If you're an artist looking for an affordable 3D program, Blender is free, so that won't hurt your wallet, and it will probably let you do just about enything and everything you want to do in 3D. If you have trouble with its interface, we'd like to also recommend Carrara.

Here are a few quick links to the world of Blender as we've seen it.

- created by Gleb Alexandrov. Tutorials, sample artwork, some thoughts on life, art, and life as an artist.
- Dan Ritchie, creator of Project Dogwaffle, explores and discusses tools and features of interest in making custom animated brushes and lots more. Interesting stuff, coming from a hard-core Lightwave3D user :-)

- by another waffler - me! - my very first steps with Blender, and more
- the Blender development site, same as
- a tutorial by 'criss' - Blender & PD Particles!
- forums, tutorials, everything you need
  • Vinicius Cabral  
Video tutorials in Brazilian Portuguese on his YouTube channel.
Video tutorials in English on his Vimeo channel

The original site seems to be inaccessible. Has it moved?

Other 3D resources

3D Designer for Landscapes - Howler 9.5
PD Howler 3D Designer