Gertrudis Pro - standalone or Dogwaffle plugin

Using two great 3D Programs - together:

Poser & Carrara
PD Particles
PD Artist
PD Pro

You may wondering how to use a scene from Poser to render in Carrara.

If you use Carrara Studio 3 or Carrara 4 you can get the Transposer plugin from Eovia to render Poser scenes in Carrara.

If you use Carrara 5 you can directly import a saved Poser walk scequence, natively.  It can then be further adjusted, rendered in Carrara with Global Illumination (Skylight), indirect lighting, caustics, atmospheric effects, and other great rendering features, not to mention physics, particles, terrain editors, trees & plants and great shaders. Below are a few examples.

Walking Man

Walking man from Poser 5 saved  in native Poser format, imported into Carrara 5. Added a ground floor (infinite plane, with light bump channel on the shader, and translated the plane over time to create the illusion of perpetual motion of the ground under his feet (though it's not perfect, there's a slight jump).

Added GI (Skylight) rendering with indirect lighting,

  Quicktime 6 with H.263 compression, size = 329 KB, streaming

PostFX:: SnowFall

additional postwork done such a snowfall fx in Project Dogwaffle.


Running Man

Jovial and partly exagerated running sequence created in Poser 5, saved in native Poser format. The walk sequence is 30 frames long for one cycle, and not moving (walk in place).

 Imported into Carrara 5 Standard. Added realistic sky with fog.

Also added an infinite plane for the figure to stand on, with a slight bump map in the shader. Applied a translation on the timeline so as to make it look like the floor is moving under his feet.

   Quicktime 6 with H.263 compression, size = 218 KB, streaming

fast, artistic 3D sketching of 3D models:

Curvy 3D
the intuitive way to sculpt

Great for Fantasy Art
and to make Poser Props -
it's not modeling, it's easier!