you can fly!
Carrara & Dogwaffle experiments:



Welcome to this quadrant of the galaxy - we're going to explore some virtual worlds, galaxies, planets and underground habitats from other civilizations.

How? basically with two little and affordable programs.  One for 2D, another for 3D. The rest is in your brain.
See this little image to the right? Done in about 30 minutes. Using Carrara's vertex modeler. And I'm no expert at it. I used Amapi a lot, and had some ideas of what to try, so I tried. And voila. Now it's hyperspeed for me babiiiiie! Woohoo!   ahem...

I should have recorded the modeling with screen capture. But I didn't think I'd model something real so I didn't. Perhaps I'll recreate it later for a new model.
In the meantime, if you need guidance and ideas of what to model or how to model, check the free Carrara Studio Handbook - you only pay shipping.

Animating it with Carrara

here are some renderings and further post work done with Project Dogwaffle's PD Pro 3.5:

  • original spaceship1 animation done in Carrara Studio 3
click for Quicktime movie:

  • brightened the clip
  • added ghosting

  • swapped channels - red atmosphere like Mars

  • rolled channels - green'ish air like Neptune?

  • back to martian look
  • note that the Sun is still showing as just a round disk.

  • added an animated fx brush and placed it over the sun with the brush keyframer