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Sculpting a Teapot

from blank page to 3D teapot in a few brush strokes

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Poser + Carrara
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Part 2:

The Cap

It's now time to draw the next of 4 parts that make up the entire teapot: the cap at the top. This is done with exactly the same tool, the Lathe creation tool. Draw just one curve along the side above the main body:

As soon as you release it, the same shape as before appears.

And once againg, just making this object a local symmetry will finish the job, set aside perhaps from a little fine tuning and reshaping with Widgit Move as before.

If you haven't saved your project yet so far, it's a good idea to do so now, especially if you like your results so far.

Oh, we saved ours, you're welcome to grab a copy, download the Curvy file here: teapot_saved1.cvy (40.1 KB)

If the cap is too high, you can use the Move tool to reposition it. Play with it a little, and also the adjacent Rotate tool.

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The Body
The Cap
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