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Sculpting a Teapot

from blank page to 3D teapot in a few brush strokes

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part 4:

The Handle

The handle can be done in much the same way, or with a different tool, such as the Line creation tool. Here's the approach with the Lathe tool just as we used so far:

Since I'm right-handed and find it easier to draw on the outer right side of the teapot in a clockwise direction, I'll switch from the front to the back view, and draw the outer profile of the handle:

Ignore the initial shape created from the lathe's first curve alone.

Draw the inner profile of the handle:

Can you believe we're already done? 

Well, not really, you can always further refine the curves.

There are other ways to make some of the parts too, such as using the Line tool. Or image based modeling, which might work great for the handle if you have a photo of an old ornamental teapot handle.

You could also Rename the parts, and group them together such as the spout and handle grouped into the Body as a parent. 

 Plus, if you don't care to keep the original construction curves anymore, you could convert the objects to meshes. You could also further sculpt and morph the shapes, paint & texture them, add bump maps and lots more. But that's a different tutorial.

After merging the spout and handle to the body, you can use 'S' to smooth a few times and create beautiful transitions between the merged parts.

Here is our example teapot:

Looking for a really good Teapot model? Here's one created by the author of Curvy 3D himself:

The Body
The Cap
The Spout
The Handle

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