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Curvy 3D - YouTube Videos

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Import 3D Models into 3D Layers for animation in 2D:

powerful animation software, Anime Studio Pro

Curvy 3D can now
import OBJ files

and export to
.X, 3DS and OBJ!

Digital Painting has never been
so much fun: Learn to paint with Particle Brushes!

PD Particles

A fun companion for your
digital photo image editor!
powered by Project Dogwaffle
Can't afford it on your own?

Youtube Videos

Here are a few impressive examples of what can be done with Curvy 3D, as seen on YouTube.

 Curvy 3D Timelapse: Sea Monster

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Sketch and Sculpt - Curvy 3D 2.0 Demo

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Sculpting a Jellyfish in Curvy3D

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Curvy3D: LowPoly Character Painting

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Model Painting 18th Century Guardsman

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Sculpting a Penny Farthing Toon in Curvy3D

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Sculpting a Football Helmet in Curvy3D

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