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Welcome to the free downloads page. Here we offer 3D Models in Curvy format for free download. More details and instructions below.

Important notice: You may re-distribute these models in any 3D format as long as you provide a link back with credits to this page where they came from. You may of course also use them for free in your renderings and animations. You may also use these in 3D format in your games. Thanks for using Curvy 3D for your modeling needs!

Abstract Body, free 3D model
new! .zip
my Sea Monster, free 3D head model
  .zip  tutorial

.obj  .cvy
Sea King free 3D model from Curvy3D
Sea King new!
.zip  tutorial
free model from Curvy 3D - Jelly Fish
JellyFish new!
Witch model in Curvy 3D
Witch new!


toon elephant, originally modled in Amapi, imported as a mesh
.zip   tutorial
cauldron for witch's brew

.cvy  tutorial

Teapot (.zip)
.zip  tutorial

.cvy  tutorial


Start your downloads:
  • Click a thumbnail to start its download in Curvy or zipped format. Or, if your browser doesn't like the format, right-click the icon or the format link below the icon, and select 'Save Link Target As...' or equivalent option (exact wording varies with browsers)
  • By default, the Curvy (.cvy) file is offered. If the file is large or contains additional external resources such as texture maps, a zipped (.zip) version is offered instead.
  • In some cases, an OBJ version is offered too, probably zipped, and may include material props file (.mtl) and images/texture maps as well. These can more easily be used in other programs such as Bryce and Carrara
  • If there is a tutorial, click the link to learn more about this model.
  • Have fun using Curvy 3D and these models!

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