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The Wright Brothers reached Canyonlands

Carrara Rendering  &
 PD Pro post work powered by Project Dogwaffle

With Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro you can apply filters across an image sequence, for example to add an old-film look to an animation, add some jittery motion,  turn it to greyscale or Sepia with varying intensity and changing levels of dust and noise. Here's an example.
Finished animation,
with sound fx,
converted to Quicktime:

Original Rendering:

click image to view the animation in Flash stream

After post work in Project Dogwaffle:

click image to view the animation in Flash stream
includes Old-Film filter, light diffusion, creating a dark border...

Would you like to learn how it's done?

Are you into customizing your own Flightsim/Trainsim games?
Here's another 'real' and modern-day Wright brother who is  making
plugins for the free project Dogwaffle 1.2 and PD pro   >>>>

3rd party plugins