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just plain ol mary


the beautiful art of Mary Ferguson 
powered by project dogwaffle, enhanced by jwildfire 

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Mary has been painting for a little while, and she's also used Dogwaffle for some time.
"... the truth is I did very, very little art until we got pd particles. I  did a lot of crafts and some pencil doodlings throughout the years. I worked in Photoshop for a bit. not much. It was Howler that got me going. I joke that I couldn't draw a straight line which was true!!"
Mary lives in Indiana.

You can see many of her posts in the Dogwaffle group on Facebook. Most or many of her recent digital creations are done with Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler by Dan Ritchie and Jwildfire by Andreas Maschke

If you haven't heard of jwildfire yet, read here: - and follow Andreas Maschke's official blog -

And if you haven't heard of Howler, well shame on you. No, not really, but here: - ok,.... but no, really, duh!

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Want to see and learn more about 'just plain ol mary'?
Mary is on Facebook:

Many of her posts are seen in the Project Dogwaffle group there:

Scroll down for the slideshow of a small subset of her artwork.

animate and paint
and then some...

PD Howler

of the Moment

and also:
the Howler
of the Moment!

no animation?
no problem...
PD Artist

the stunning digital artwork of
                      Mary Ferguson