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Waffling under Windows Vista

tricks, tips and feedback on using Project Dogwaffle Professional under Vista
(may also help get other versions running under Vista)
Project Dogwaffle
PD Pro
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Use PD Pro version 4 or higher, if you can - but earlier versions may work too!

In order to use PD Pro under Vista, you should use PD Pro version 4 or higher. A lot of time and effort went into developing PD Pro 4 and to test it under Vista. Earlier versions may not work right. Well at least it didn't a while back when Vista was under beta development. Things have evolved.

Therefore, if you have an earlier version of PD (PD 2, PD Pro 3, free PD 1.2, PD Particles, PD Artist...), you should still try some of the following, because things may have evolved in Vista too since last time we checked. In our own experience, it's looking better now than in the past: For example, here's a screenshot of PD 1.2 (free version) running on Vista Home Premium with SP1. It was a very quick and easy installation with no surprises. It just works!

Version 4 of PD Pro was written to run under the Vista beta2 build.  There are a number of things that have changed in the OS since XP to make it less accessible. Namely, it is no longer possible to install programs and data in the same folder.  This has been a standard practice since the beginning of the OS. One other issue of note, was that 'Visual themes' were very problematic in beta builds. If need be, you can disable them in the properties panel of the application.

Visual Basic (VB) Runtime notes:
Make sure that your version of Vista has the VB runtimes installed. We have heard of some users whose systems did not come with VB runtimes pre-loaded, but after installing the VB runtimes it all worked like a charm, so be sure to read the following if you're having problems running Project Dogwaffle under Vista:

(or, simply go to  and search for VB Runtimes. Make sure the version you're downloading is for your version of Windows In fact, even non-Vista, earlier versions of Windows need VB runtimes for Project Dogwaffle to properly run. It is possible (though rare and unlikely) that your system could benefit from a VB runtime update.

Disable UAC

In the Control panel look for User settings and specifically User Account Control, aka UAC. Be sure to disable it.

Install & Run as Administrator

Also note that PD Pro may require installing and operating under an Administrator  account.  This is not the default for Windows Vista.  Vista by default forces you to use a limited account until you change it.  Vista by default is very much a "sandbox" that you can play in, but when you need to do real work, you have to turn off a few things. One
solution is to right click the Dogwaffle icon and select 'Run as Administrator' - it will ask you to verify the program and when you do it opens the program up.

Where is the Temp folder?

The Installer for Project DOgwaffle goes through two phases. In the first phase, it extracts a bunch of files into a Temp folder. One of these files is named SETUP.EXE. In the second phase, it runs that Setup.exe file, which will guide you through the rest of the installation. Depending on the state of your system, you have sometimes observe a problem during the second phase. It may be that a different Setup.exe file is found somewhere else, and that one be executed instead of ours. In cases like these, one workaround is to find the Temp folder here all these files were extracted, and run the SETUP.EXE file manually. So that therefore begs the question: where is the Temp folder?

In Windows XP, it's usually  C:\Documents and Settings\'username'\Local Settings\Temp
For example, if your username is 'Peter', you will likely have a folder like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Local Settings\Temp

Under Windows Vista it is likely something liek C
For example, if your username is 'Peter', you will likely have a folder like this:


Go to that folder, and run the setup file from there.

Note that if you can't find the 'Local Settings' or Temp folder under XP, you may a configuration of Folder Options that hides the hidden files and folders. To change that:
  1. go to the Control Panel
  2. open Folder Options
  3. click the 'View' tab
  4. check 'Show hiden files and folders'
  5. while you're at it, we als recommend this: uncheck 'hide extension of known file types'
  6. click OK

Installation problem? 

During the installation if it does not pick up the correct directory, you may have to manually point it to 'Program Files (X86)/Project Dogwaffle' 

Vista now uses a form of virtualization to allow programs to be installed in one destination, and data in another, without breaking the software.  PD Pro relies on a tremendous number of support files such as media, so this is needed to run the software.  Vista handles this automatically when a program is installed.  It will give you an option of how to install the software. Re-installing with the virtualization option may correct problems you may have.

Got Runtime Error 339?

Error #339: Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered

If you encounter this error message upon starting Project Dogwaffle, you may need to un-register and re-register one or more OCX's, and you must do so by running the Command prompt as Administrator!

    for COMDLG32.OCX:

    regsvr32 /u C:\WINDOWS\system32\COMDLG32.OCX
    regsvr32 /i C:\WINDOWS\system32\COMDLG32.OCX

and perhaps also:

    regsvr32 /u C:\WINDOWS\system32\RICHTX32.OCX
    regsvr32 /i C:\WINDOWS\system32\RICHTX32.OCX

Note: as mentioned, you must run the command promt as administrator. T
o run command prompt as administrator, hit the Start button (usually in lower left on your screen), in the Search box type 'command', the search will return a list of items, one of them being 'command prompt'. Right-click and select "Run as Administrator".

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