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Here's a quick look at the most important features of this plugin.

(click the above YouTube video for more display options)

Note: do you have an early version?

If your version looks like this:
old version 1 of layer assistant
...then you have an earlier version which only allowed saving to single file per one layer at a time. The newer version also has an option to save all layers into a numbered file sequence. Be sure to grab it and use that version.

The latest version looks like this:

new Layer Assistant for PD Pro, a free plugin


Please be aware that if you save layers as a sequence, it will not check if the files you're saving to already exist. They will be replaced with the new files, and thus you could loose precious artwork in those pre-existing files. Make sure therefore to use this only for saving into a new empty folder or with a unique, non-existing base filename. Use with caution.

Be aware also that when saving to a sequence, it will notice if your base filename already contains a numeral such as 0000 at the end. It will offer to remove (strip) this number since it will be adding its own number sequence (_0000, _0001, _0002, etc...), but this is optional and you can keep the entered base filename is you prefer.

Quick Reference Guide

Here's a summary of what to expect:
  • Total layer count:  This shows how many layers are in PD Pro. Also, if you add or delete a layer through the normal layer panel's interface while this plugin is already running, this number won't show the current true value anymore, but you can refresh this total number shown in the plugin simply by clicking the panel's background;
  • Save all layers as file sequence - this button lets you choose a base filename to save all layers to. The program will create a number sequence starting with _0000 and going up for each layer. The current version saves to Targa files in 24-bit mode only, no alpha included (since layers don't have an opacity mask in the current version). Example: if you name the base file "Layer" and there are 5 layers in your Dogwaffle image, you should expect to find these files:

You can then easily transfer these files into  other applications. Note that they don't contain transparency, i.e. they will be seen with opaque background color (such as white).

You can also load these back into Dogwaffle as an animation sequence.
  • Current layer number: the currently selected layer is shown here.  If you change it in Dogwaffle's layer panel, click inside the plugin to refresh this value.
  • The [ < ] and [ > ] buttons: You can move up to the next layer or descend to the previous layer by clicking the small square buttons containing the Left and Right arrows ( <, >). If the Layer panel is open at the same time, you will see the switch in there too.
Note that the first layer number is 0 (zero), not 1.
  • Save this Layer to File: use this to save the current layer and only  that layer to a single file. Note that in this case, it will warn you if you attempt to override an existing file.


  Overview  |  User Guide | Automatic Launch

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