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easily save a single layer to its own  file, and browse through layers one by one to extract other layers too
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Saving a Layer to File

While the layer system of PD Pro 3 and 4 is not as sophisticated as that of other imaging programs (it doesn't support opaque layers since there's just 24-bits per layer), there are still numerous things you can do with it. You might for example have used a background image in a first layer, and painted grass and foliage with particle brushes in another layer. You might now be ready to composite this new layer's image back into Photoshop or another application. One way to achieve this is to quickly save the new layer to its own file, then import it into the other application.

This free plugin is intended for such use. You have a layer to save to a file? Easy.

You have several layers you wish to save? equally fast and easy. You can use the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons to advances through the available layers and select the next one to save.
  • System Requirements
This plugin requires Project Dogwaffle Professional, i.e. PD Pro 3 or 4. It won't work on PD Artist, even though that was built upon a subset of PD Pro 3.2, because PD Artist lacks the layering system. It also won't work on  Dogwaffle 2 or the freeware version 1.2, for the same reason. Note that v2.1 does have some layering but still, it lacks other features that make it impossible for this plugin to work on it.

If you see this error:

then that means you're using a version of Project Dogwaffle that doesn't support some of the features needed by this plugin. You should  consider to upgrade to PD Pro 3 or 4, and apply the most recent available free update patches, such as 3.7 (for v3), or 4.1 (for v4). See patches for laters available updates.

  • Download & Installation

Thereis no installer for this plugin, you just add it into the folder where your PD Pro is installed.

Here's the plugin, get it now:

(download and save it in the folder mentioned below)

File details: (to check if you have the latest)
build date: January 31, 2010, 12:05:53 PM
file size:     45.5 KB (46,592 bytes)

When downloading, we recommend that you don't 'open' the file from the Link in your web browser directly. Instead, save it to your local hard drive, such as to the desktop or an easily found folder such as the 'My Documents' folder.

You can then copy or move it into the PD Pro  installation folder, which is typically:

       C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional

by default - if that's where you installed yours, assuming PD Pro 4 full installer was used. If you have PD Pro 3, or upgraded from PD Pro 3 to 4, yours might typically be in the PD Pro folder:

       C:\Program Files\PD Pro

If you're on a 64-bit version of Windows, your folder might again be different.

Remember: If you had problems during installation of Project Dogwaffle under Windows 7 or Vista, possibly because of UAC (User Access Control), perhaps you did the smart thing and decided to install PD Pro into your own folder such as 'My Programs' instead of 'Program Files' or 'Program Files (x86)' if on a 64-bit system. Wherever your copy of Dogwaffle lives now, that's the folder  where you will want to put the above plugin. It will then be amongst many other similar executables, many of which are also plugins ending in _pm.exe, and many more other files in that folder. Those are the plugins for the 'Misc' category in the Plugins panel of Dogwaffle. (i.e. miscellaneous plugins as opposed to Brush plugins, Filters, Import plugins, Export plugins,...) .

  • Launching the Plugin

After placing the plugin in the right folder, you should start the plugins panel and find this plugin in the 'Misc' tab in the miscellaneous plugins category.

how to launch the plugin to save layers to file sequences

You can also arrange for this plugin to start automatically whenever you launch Dogwaffle. See 'Automatic Launch' for details.

Plus, as usual, you can use the keyboard shortcut ''k" (killer plugins) to open the plugins panel.

  Intro & Download  |  User Guide | Automatic Launch 

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