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Artist 2020 is here

  Great new Brushes

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    Free Webinar coming September 14 - join us at Digital Art Live

We'll share tips and tricks, show some techniques to create a variety of animated artwork.  You will likely also discover a few new features found in Howler 2020. We will paint, we will render, we will animate. Pixels and pigments unite!

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    Digital Art Contest - Memories from your Summer Vacation?

Don't forget to submit your artwork for fun, fame and recognition, or even for a chance to win great art software. Sponsors include the host/organizer, Pixarra, maker of Twistedbrush and related tools, as well as with PD Howler/PD ARtist.... and also Aartformgames, maker of Curvy3D!. Have you seen the newest Curvy? Breathtakingly amazing!

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    New releases - Build #37 - PD Artist 2020 joins the (Howling Wolf) pack

    We have released build 37 - PD Howler 2020 is at build 37. If you ordered an earlier version, you should by now have received a new download link email from bmtmicro. (if you ordered from us on bmtmicro store).

We also have released the Artist edition of Project Dogwaffle 2020.  This is the lower-priced cousin to PD Howler. If you don't work with animation or videos, PD Artist may be just the ticket for you. It has most of the features of Howler, except for everything related to animation and working on video clips. (except that it still supports animated brushes, such as using an image sequence or AVI file as the brush when painting on a still image).

Both are available here:

Both are still on sale, see below for the promotion, good throgh Labor Day!

    Learn more about PD Artist 2020 at


 Back-to-School Sale through Labor Day!   Only a few days left:

   PD Howler 2020  AND  Artist 2020  - Both On Sale through September 2

    Order here:

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If you have an earlier version, even from Daz, Steam or other sources, contact Phil at to request a discount code for further savings. Or order from the author directly - that's Dan Ritchie at
Prices may vary slightly, but it's all the same good fun digital painting Nirvana. Mahallo!

    New Features & Free Demo for Trial


    --- Free Demo/Trial:

   We've also updated the free trial demo. Try it before you buy - it is based on build 37:

 See what's new:

A few points:

    New Tutorials & Videos

    As always, check here -

    A great place for new features and videos about them is here:

    Here are some new Videos and Tutorials

how to find a brush amongst the Medias collection in Howler


Rabbit Hill, Part 1

Rabbit Hill, Part 2

Rabbit Hill, Part 3

Rabbit Hill, Part 4

How to De-Noise a noisy Video Clip

When you work with video clips from dark settings or rendered in Puppy Ray with only a few anti-aliasing passes, you may have some noisy pixels. If you want to reduce that video voise, try the Ghosting filter.

Santa Clarita - part 1

Santa Clarita - part 2

Santa Clarita - part 3


Recent art by Dan Ritchie, creator of Project Dogwaffle:

Santa Clarita

Just a Tree 6b

just a tree 6b

More clouds

See more mages in the Slideshow - Wow!

 Thanks again for waffling and howling! Team Dogwaffle

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