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Press Release - for Immediate Distribution

Title: announces free plugins for PD Particles, German Menus for PD Pro 4

Date: San Diego, CA, Febr. 25, 2007 has released a plugin collection for PD (Project Dogwaffle) Particles, and a German version of the menu file for PD Pro Digital Painter 4.

 *** Free Plugins: CoolTools #1 for PD Particles 1.0

 This collection of free plugins, "CoolTools #1 for PD Particles", includes the popular "Store Image" tool also found in PD Pro. It let users store a snapshot of the current working buffer's image in memory, without the needs or delays of saving to file. The stored images are then easily accessible through thumbnails for quick re-use or channel extraction, such as using just  the red, green or blue channel.

A similar tool, named "Store Alpha", serves similar purposes but focuses on the selection mask or transparency mask in the alpha channel. A stored alpha  channel appears as greyscale image. It's possible to manipulate it in several  ways while it is stored, and to paint on it as well for touch-ups.

Several more plugins which deal with the alpha channel are included, such as a  toggle to switch to painting directly on the alpha channel until the switch is toggled again. There are also plugins for shrinking the alpha or growing the alpha.

These new plugins are intended for 3D artists who use PD Particles to paint foliage and shrubbery with transparency masks in the Alpha channel,  which are then mapped onto 'billboard polygons' within 3D games  and animation.

The plugin collection can be downloaded freely from

*** German Language Menus for PD Pro v4, Demo versions

German-speaking users of PD Pro 4 can now download a free menu file which   replaces the main English menus with their German equivalents.  It is available  at

PD Pro (Project DOgwaffle Professional) 4 was developed as the first version of  Project Dogwaffle to run under Windows Vista, and to take advantage of new  system hardware configuration with dual processors, quad processors and more cores to come.

A demo version of PD Pro 4 is available for free downloading at

 The earlier version (3.5) remains available for downloading there too. The price of v3.5 was recently reduced to $79.

*** Press Contacts

For Press inquiries and NFR copies or to arrange a review please contact Philip Staiger:

 email: admin >AT< thebest3d <DOT> com
 Skype: staigermanus
 Phone: +1-858-208-7377

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