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Mike Stone   

PD Pro, Howler edition Particle 9 - from outer

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About me

Hi, I'm Mike Stone!

I’ve had a passion for creating Digital Art for over 25 years, with my artwork reflecting the use of visual abstract designs. Using different 3D software to produce the basic image, I next post-edit the image for print.

Many of my renders can be viewed at and more renders at Contact me if you are interested in obtaining my images.

I have exhibited at major art venues around the Chicago area where I live. My work has also been shown on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ TV program over the years.

I had a story about me in the paper a few years ago. Here is link.   (note: might need subscription (?) )

Maybe you can find it this way too:
Arlington Heights artist appears on CBS Sunday Morning
An Arlington Heights artist got some rays of exposure this week -- albeit for a brief moment -- on national TV. CBS Sunday Morning, the venerable arts and culture magazine program, used digital ...

CD Cover Art

I have also created CD cover artwork for several musicians. I'm a member of ACM Siggraph’s Digital Arts Community and have a professional degree in Electronics Technology. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar and am a licensed ham radio operator.

Two of my CD cover art did end up on CD. Here are 2 links that still sell the CD's.

The Revolution Of Beelzebub | OUSIODES

The Revolution Of Beelzebub by OUSIODES, released 12 November 2016
1. In The Vestibule Of The Sanctuary (Overture)
2. Arcadia
3. The Black Path
4. Epoch
5. The Staff Of The Patriarchs
6. Venerable Master Samael
7. The War In Heaven (Instrumental Feat. Iron Chino)
8. The Revolution Of Beelzebub
9. Millennium
10. Hymn For The New Era